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Ivo and Michi – passionate hosts

“Only the best for our guests every day” – that’s our motto at Hotel Antermoia. We are Ivo and Michi with our two boys Tom and Max. We take care of the hotel and, of course, you as our guests. As avid hosts, we love sharing the beauty of our region with you. And here at 1,515 metres above sea level, we’re an open, friendly bunch, so get ready for a warm welcome!

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We’ve always lived here in Untermoj and know the area like the back of our hands. It goes without saying that we’ll have the best tips and tricks for your fantastic holiday, cool summit climbs, and exciting tobogganing fun – just ask us, we love to help!

Hotel Antermoia in Val Badia/Gadertal

Bëgnodüs – welcome to Hotel Antermoia

Did you know? Here in Val Badia/Gadertal, at the heart of the Dolomites, we speak a different language than in the rest of South Tyrol: Ladin, one of the oldest languages in the Alps! Ladin is also taught in schools and is South Tyrol’s third official language alongside Italian and German. And of course, that means we also uphold ancient and very special traditions that are so fascinating that you simply have to get to know them. You can dive into Ladin history and culture in the Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor, not far from our hotel. But you’ve already learnt your first word in Ladin: “Bëgnodüs” – welcome!

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The history of Hotel Antermoia

Today’s Hotel Antermoia has been located right by the village church for as long as anyone can remember. Once it was a typical farmhouse with an inn and was also home to the only general store in Untermoj. While our great-grandpa was away at war, great-grandma Katherina, who later had to feed nine children as a widow, took care of everything. Of the nine children, only daughter Bia joined her parents’ business. Then, when winter sports became popular in the 60s, Bia’s son Ermanno decided to open during the winter season, too. Thanks to its great success, the guesthouse was gradually extended. In 1980, the annexe was built, which Ermanno’s son Ivo renovated with his wife Michaela in 2002. And that’s how the present Hotel Antermoia was born.

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Hotel Antermoia
The Winkler Family // Str. S. Antone 51
39030 Antermoia | San Martino in Badia // Italy
VAT no.: IT01726490210
T +39 0474 520 049 // info@hotelantermoia.com